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ICP-MS cones
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Now offering ICP-MS cones

Introducing our new ICP-MS product line; cones compatible with the leading ICP-MS manufacturers; Agilent Technologies®, PerkinElmer®, Thermo Fisher Scientific® and Nu Instruments.

Elemental Microanalysis is excited to share a new product line!

We are now offering ICP-MS cones which are compatible with the leading ICP-MS manufacturers: 



Instrument compatibility

Agilent Technologies® 
  • skimmer and sample cones
  • X skimmer cones
  • Plated sample cones in nickel and/or platinum and copper.
  • HP4500
  • 7500a
  • 7500c
  • 7500cs
  • 7500s
  • 7500ce
  • 7500cx
  • 7700x/e
  • 7800
  • 7900
  • 8800
  • 890
  • Nickel, platinum and aluminium
  • Sample and skimmer cones
  • Hyper skimmer cones


  • ELAN 250
  • ELAN 500
  • ELAN 5000
  • ELAN 6000
  • ELAN 6100
  • ELAN 9000
  • NexION 300
  • NexION 350
  • NexION 1000
  • NexION 2000
  • NexION 5000
Thermo Fisher Scientific® 
  • Nickel, platinum or aluminium
  • Sample, skimmer, micro-skimmer, 'H' skimmer, 'X' skimmer cones
  • Plasmatrace cones and jet sample cones
  • Hot or cold plasma conditions
  • Boron or boron free
  • PQ2
  • VG ExCell
  • iCapQ/Qnova
  • Apix
Nu Instruments 
  • Wide angle and narrow angle skimmer cones
  • Sampler cones for wet or dry plasma conditions
  • Nickel or platinum
  • Plasma
  • Plasma ES
  • Plasma II
  • Plasma II ES
  • Plasma 3
  • Plasma 3 ES
  • AttoM
  • AttoM ES


All of the precision machined cones are the same (or better) quality as OEM products - guaranteed. 

Cones from Elemental Microanalysis will last as long as an OEM cone. No variance to analytical output. Cones will require the same frequency of cleaning as an OEM cone.

Cones are supplied in packaging designed to be both sustainable and ensure the cones arrive in good shape.

Our Devon facility is fully accredited to ISO9001; our years of experience manufacturing quality aftermarket products means you can be assured of high quality products. As always, our prices are lower than OEMs - and better than other aftermarket suppliers.

Total satisfaction guarantee

ICP-MS cones from Elemental Microanalysis are supplied with our total satisfaction gurantee. We guarantee that our product is at least as good as from your current supplier. If not you can return the product to us and you don't pay a penny.

Finding the ICP-MS cones you need

You can find your OEM compatible cone quickly on our website.

The search function will match OEM part numbers to the Elemental Microanalysis compatible product. Alternatively, you can browse by OEM on the website or identify the cones specifically compatible with your analyser.

OEM specific product listings can also be downloaded:

Agilent Technologies product sheet

PerkinElmer product sheet

Thermo Fisher Scientific product sheet

Nu Instruments product sheet

Our sales team are always happy to help you find what you are looking for too.


So next time you are placing a consumables order for your trace elemental analyser, remember Elemental Microanalysis can support your ICP-MS cones requirements too. 

Please contact us with any questions about our new ICP-MS range.

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