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New CHNSO microanalysis catalogue
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Platinum TOC catalysts

Developed by Elemental’s in-house R&D team, these catalysts with zirconia support are intended as direct replacement for the standard platinum catalysts offered by Shimadzu® for TOC–L and TOC– V analysers.

LabMate, April 17th 2024.


New IRMS standards

Five new isotopic reference materials include caffeine, two glucose standards derived from wheat (C3 type) and cane sugar (C4 type), a cold-water fish gelatin and a bovine gelatin.

LabMate, April 15th 2024.


New Synthetic Soil Standards

Elemental Microanalysis has developed a line of synthetic soil standards. Blended to exactly match the elemental make-up of natural soils.

LabMate, March 11th 2024.


Introducing Drysorber, B1327

Elemental's in-house R&D team has developed a brand new, easy-to-use drying agent. This dessicant is suitable for use in Elementar® analysers where Sicapent® was previously recommended.

LabMate, September 28th 2023.

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New Micro Catalogue Launch

Updated and revised Micro catalogue published, featuring over 1500 products for organic elemental analysis.

LabMate, June 29th 2023.

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Direct Dealer support role Natasha Jeynes

Direct Dealer Support Role

Leveraging her technical expertise and experience, Natasha Jeynes will support Elemental Dealers to achieve further business growth.

LabMate, May 25th 2023.

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Evaporating cups from Elemental Microanalysis feature in LabMate

Evaporating Cups

Elemental celebrates the twenty five year anniversary of one of their top selling products and discusses the origin of their evaporating cups in LabMate.

LabMate, January 13th 2023.

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Committment to Skills and Training Award

The judging team at Lab Awards announced that Elemental Microanalysis had won the 2022 Commitment to Skills and Training Award by showing "Substantial positive impact through training".

Lab Innovations, November 2nd 2022

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Additional team members for Elemental Lab

Additional Team Members for Elemental Lab

Following laboratory expansion and investment, Elemental Lab has announced the appointment of additional expert team members.

LabMate October 31st 2022.

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ICP-MS cones from Elemental Microanalysis feature in LabMate

ICP-MS Cones

Elemental adds ICP-MS cone products compatible with Thermo Fisher Scientific®, PerkinElmer®, Agilent Technologies® and NU Instruments Ltd to their supply options.

LabMate, July 7th 2022.

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Elemental Microanalysis laboratory expansion features in LabMate

Laboratory Expansion

Increased analytical capability and capacity achieved at Elemental Lab after planned expansion success.

LabMate, February 17th 2021.

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New range of reference materials from Elemental Microanalysis

New Reference Materials

A growing range of reference materials from Elemental Microanalysis for combustion elemental analysers.

LabMate, April 23rd 2014.

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