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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you ISO9000 registered?

Yes we hold full approval to the latest ISO standard 9001:2015, and use our management system to continually improve across the business, reducing waste and eliminating errors.

Are your products as good as those from the instrument manufacturer?

We manufacture compatible products that are of equivalent quality to those from the original instrument manufacturer. We guarantee that our products are as good or better than those from your current supplier.

Do you manufacture your products or buy them from someone else?

We manufacture the vast majority of our products in our own facility in Devon UK.

Do you supply the instrument manufacturers?

Elemental Microanalysis currently supplies, or has supplied, products to all the major instrument manufacturers involved in this field.

What do I do if I am not satisfied?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our products or our service let us know. You can be assured that your problem will be dealt with promptly and fairly.

What is the total satisfaction guarantee?

It is very simple - we guarantee that our product is as least as good that from your current supplier.  If not you can return the product to us and you don't pay a penny.

If I use your consumables does it affect my warranty or service agreement with the instrument manufacturer?

Using consumables from Elemental Microanalysis will not affect your warranty. Elemental Microanalysis has a recognised reputation in the manufacture and supply of quality products. Indeed to state that warranties or service agreements may be affected is anti-competitive and may be illegal in many countries.

How can I try your products?

You can do this for free! Just contact us to get hold of your free trial consumable kit.