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New TOC catalysts for Shimadzu®

Elemental Microanalysis launches new platinum TOC catalysts for Shimadzu® TOC-L/V series

Elemental Microanalysis is pleased to announce that our in-house R&D team has developed platinum catalysts which are suitable for use in Shimadzu TOC–L and TOC–V analysers. These catalysts are intended as a direct replacement for the standard platinum catalysts that Shimadzu offers. 

The catalysts from Elemental use a zirconia support, rather than alumina, hence there is a colour and weight difference when compared to the OEM catalysts. Our zirconia versions offer the following advantages over the OEM catalyst:

  • lower blank values, leading to lower practical limit of quantification
  • stabilises more quickly - allows faster conditioning of catalyst when installing a new reaction tube
  • longer lifetime - allows greater number of sample runs before replacement
  • more robust, - less prone to physical degradation


Available Elemental TOC catalysts include:

Part  Description Shimadzu part
B1609 Platinum Catalyst-ST for Shimadzu TOC 117 g (Equivalent to 33 g of 638-60246) 638-60246
B1610 Platinum Catalyst for Shimadzu TOC 71 g (Equivalent to 20 g of 638-60202-01) 638-60202-01
B1611 Platinum Catalyst for Shimadzu TOC 54 g (Equivalent to 15 g of 638-60202-00) 638-60202-00


Elemental Microanalysis offers a large range of consumables for the Shimadzu TOC–L/V series analysers, including combustion tubes, reagents, halogen scrubbers, platinum gauze, O-rings, and various other operational accessories.

These products offer the same high quality and value for money that is typical of Elemental Microanalysis’ entire product range.

If you would like to order these products, reach out to our friendly sales team or register to view our product pricing online.⁠ Elemental Microanalysis has 45 years experience manufacturing and supplying quality products with exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Additional Information available: Shimadzu TOC catalysts v1.pdf
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Our research and development, quality, product management and manufacturing teams collaboration has enabled Elemental Microanalysis to add these high quality, great value, compatible products to our product range.
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