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ICP-MS cones
New CHNSO microanalysis catalogue
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New catalysts, crucibles and furnace tubes

Let us introduce you to our newest compatible products, available to purchase from our website.

In addition to the recently introduced drying agent Drysorber, our research and development, quality, product management and manufacturing teams collaboration has enabled Elemental Microanalysis to also add these high quality, great value, compatible products to our product range.

Featuring in our new release of the Micro catalogue the C1038 joins our growing range of products compatible with the Sercon isoEArth+ analyser.

Three new products for the Elementar® Isoprime TraceGas module have been added; C1114 is the GC/IRMS ceramic furnace tube, X1508 is a prepacked version of this furnace tube; it is supplied with the copper, platinum and nickel chromium wire expertly inserted into the narrow tube. 

Prefer the challenge of packing the GC/IRMS ceramic furnace tube? D9103 (Nickel/chromium 80/20 wire 0.125 mm) is now available to purchase alongside existing products D9100 (0.125 mm platinum wire) and D9101 (0.125 mm copper wire).

Customer request has instigated the release of  D4603-1000, a 1000 unit pack size of cylindrical graphite crucibles compatible with LECO® RH404, LECO® RHEN602.

Combustion tube C4702 (3 200 607 909 equivalent) is Elemental’s first compatible product for the Horiba® EMIA Expert / EMIA Pro Inorganic analyser series.


Part description Pack size Part no. OEM part no. Compatible analysers
Quartz reduction tube, 6 mm OD, 4 mm ID, 370 mm 1 C1038 SC9131 Sercon® isoEArth+
GC/IRMS furnace reaction tube ceramic, 450 mm x 3 mm OD x 0.5 mm ID 1 C1114 SM679095AD2 Elementar® Isoprime TraceGas
Graphite crucible 1000 C4603-1000 764-330 LECO® RH404, LECO® RHEN602
Combustion tube for Horiba® 1 C4702 3 200 607 909 Horiba® EMIA Expert / EMIA Pro
Nickel/chromium 80/20 wire 0.125 mm 10 m D9103 ST104051 Elementar® Isoprime TraceGas
Prepacked C1114, 260 mm copper / platinum / Nichrome wire (260 mm) 1 X1508 None Available Elementar® Isoprime TraceGas


All these products and more are available to order from our website.

The use of OEM part numbers is intended for convenience only, and does not imply the product of OEM origin. All Elemental Microanalysis products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are deemed to be suitable alternatives in the stated instruments. All OEM trademarks acknowledged.

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