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New CHNSO microanalysis catalogue
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Expanded offerings across several product ranges

Elemental Microanalysis offers new products for Analytik Jena® and Gerhardt analysers

There are two additions to our product ranges for Analytik Jena® analysers: a scrubbing tube (C3215) for the multi EA 4000 and multi X2500; and a platinum net (E7149) for use in multi N/C 2100S and 3100 instruments. When analysing samples with high salt load, the net is used while packing the combustion tube, to hold back the catalyst.

For the Gerhardt Dumatherm N/protein analyser, we have introduced a 6 mm PTFE reactor connection, complete with ferrules and connecting nuts.


Part no. Part description OEM part no. Compatibility
C3215  Glass tube with thread, straight, (without connectors) 402-881.203 Analytik Jena® multi EA 4000
Analytik Jena® multi X 2500
E7149  Platinum net, 1pc 402-886.333 Analytik Jena® multi N/C 2100S
Analytik Jena® multi N/C 3100
F6203 Bottom reactor connection, PTFE, 6 mm OD, with ferrules, and nuts 14-0236 Gerhardt® Dumatherm


If you would like to order these products, reach out to our friendly sales team or register⁠ to view our product pricing and purchase online.⁠ Elemental Microanalysis has over 45 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying quality products with exceptional service and affordable pricing.


The use of OEM part numbers is intended for convenience only, and does not imply the products are of OEM origin. All Elemental Microanalysis products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are deemed to be suitable alternatives in the stated instruments. All OEM trademarks acknowledged. 

Additional Information available: New AJ, Gerhardt products.pdf
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