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Prepacked reactors and consumables kits

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Consumable kit for 4000 solid sample analysis vario MACRO cube (CHN CN N) 20.00-5013

Catalogue Code
X6002  Consumable Kit for 4000 solid sample analysis, Vario MACRO cube (CHN CN N) 20.00-5013
 (1 Each)
 Silica (Quartz) Wool Very Fine  10gm
 (2 Each)
 Oxygen Lance 170mm 05000658
 (4 Each)
 Copper Wires Fine Wires Reduced 4 x 0.5mm 100gm
 (8 Each)
 Copper Oxide Wires Fine Wires 4 x 0.5mm 250gm  9 UN3077 NOT RESTRICTED 
 (1 Each)
 Phenylalanine OAS See Certificate 256434. Expiry 23-feb-21 25gm
 (2 Each)
 Cotton Wool 05001715 50g
 (2 Each)
 Combustion/Reduction Tube 11001150/4
 (1 Each)
 Connecting Tube Transparent Silica 65mm (Includes O-Rings) 11.00-1331/4
 (2 Each)
 Ash Finger 90mm Stainless Steel 11451005/4
 (3 Each)
 Wire Mesh Ronde 22mm  12001004/4
 (10 Each)
 Tin Foil Squares Standard Weight 37 x 37mm pack of 400
 (6 Each)
 Tungsten Kit Complete 470gm of Tungsten Granulated +25 Stainless Gauzes 12.01-0045
 (1 Each)
 Distance ring 12.01-1032/4
 (1 Each)
 Combustion Tube S/S (From Serial Number 12991001) 12.01-1036/4
 (1 Each)
 Drying tube 348 mm GL25 16.00-1012
 (3 Each)
 Silver Wool 0.05mm Fine Wire  50gm
 (1 Each)
 Drying Guard Tube Borosilicate Elementar 22 160 200/4
 (11 Each)
 Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Spheres 3 to 6mm  40gm

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OEM Equivalent Parts:

  • Elementar: 20.00-5013

OEM Part No: The use of the OEM part numbers is intended for convenience only and does not imply that the products are of OEM origin. All Elemental Microanalysis products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are deemed to be suitable alternatives. All OEM trade marks acknowledged.