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~ Silver squares and discs

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Silver Squares 35 x 35mm pack of 100

Part Number

Elemental Microanalysis silver foil squares, manufactured from high purity silver, are  ideal for the encapsulation of sticky, fibrous or other samples which are difficult to handle using conventional pressed capsules. A small dab or a few fibres on a square is easily encapsulated by folding the foil around the sample.

  • Diameter 35 x 35mm
  • Thickness 0.015mm
  • Weight 192mg

Compatible Instruments

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OEM Equivalent Parts:

  • Elementar®: 25.00-0074
  • Velp®: A00000371

OEM Part No: The use of the OEM part numbers is intended for convenience only and does not imply that the products are of OEM origin. All Elemental Microanalysis products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are deemed to be suitable alternatives. All OEM trade marks acknowledged.

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