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Tungsten (VI) oxide suitable for Elementar® analysers

Elemental Microanalysis manufactures a low density tungsten (VI) oxide reagent that is compatible with many Elementar® analysers.

Tungsten (VI) oxide, also known as tungsten trioxide, tungsten (VI) trioxide, tungstic oxide, tungstic anhydride, wolfram (VI) oxid or WO3 is commonly used in combustion tubes for elemental analysis.

Elemental Microanalysis manufactures a low density tungsten (VI) oxide reagent that is compatible with many Elementar® analysers:


Elementar part number Product description Pack size Elemental part number
11.02-0008 Tungsten (VI) Oxide Granular 60g B1217
11.02-0008 Tungsten (VI) Oxide Granular 300g B1299


Our tungsten (VI) oxide has been produced in our ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility here in the UK for over 15 years. 
We have many happy repeat customers for this particular form of granular WO3, used specifically as a compatible combustion tube filling for Elementar analysers.

We also manufacture prepacked reaction tubes compatible with Elementar analysers containing this bright yellow granular reagent. Prepacked tube X2502 is pictured top right.


Product description Pack size Elemental part number Suitable for
Prepacked CNS/CHNS Reaction Tube Vario EL3 (Tungsten (VI) Oxide Granular) Using C3009 (11.00-1150/4) Tube 1 X2502 Elementar vario EL
Elementar vario ISOTOPE cube / ISOTOPE select
Elementar vario MACRO
Elementar vario MACRO cube
Prepacked CNS/CHNS reaction tube MICRO cube 1 X2505 Elementar UniCube
Elementar vario MICRO cube


You can order with confidence from Elemental Microanalysis Ltd because all our products come with a total satisfaction guarantee: we guarantee that our product is at least as good as from your current supplier.  If not you can return the product to us and you don't pay anything. Using consumables from Elemental Microanalysis Ltd will not affect your analyser warranty.

Contact our friendly sales team (Telephone +44(0)1837 54446 or email: to order your Elementar compatible tungsten (VI) oxide granular (Elementar part number 11.02-0008). Product ready to despatch from stock.

The use of Elementar® part numbers is intended for convenience only, and does not imply the products are of OEM origin. All Elemental Microanalysis products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are deemed to be suitable alternatives in the stated instruments. All Elementar® trademarks acknowledged.

Additional Information available: Tungsten (VI) oxide suitable for analysers 1.pdf
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