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Tongs, tweezers and forceps

Which tongs, tweezers or forceps are best to use with your crucibles, inserts, capsules, boats and baskets? The frequent transfer of carefully prepared sample to the analyser can be performed safely and without contamination, when you have the right tools.

Which tongs, tweezers or forceps should you use with your crucibles, inserts, capsules, boats and baskets?

Tongs for large crucibles 

For crucibles that are 23mm or greater in diameter, our 250mm long, wide handled stainless steel tongs (part number E2471) allow for the users heat protective gloves. Crucibles of this diameter are typically ceramic.

E2471, stainless steel tongs for crucibles of 23mm or more diameter
Part number Description
C4065 Porous crucible
C4218 Large ceramic crucible
C4220 Ceramic crucible
C4500 Ceramic crucible
C4516 Ready-to-use crucible


Tweezers for medium crucibles 

If you are using crucibles that are between 14 and 22mm in diameter, the tweezers we recommend are E2472, crucible tweezers. At 160mm in length these tweezers are shorter than tongs; with heat resistant wooden handle pads, these stainless steel, reverse-action tweezers are typically used in inorganic, macro and nitrogen protein analysis. 

E2472, crucible tweezers for crucibles between 14 to 22mm diameter
Part number Description
C1053 Crucible, silica
C1054 Removable swarf crucible
C3058 Ceramic crucible
C1141 Porous ceramic insert
C3064 Metal crucible
C4619 Graphite crucible


Tweezers for small crucibles 

E2468, 160mm length tweezers are perfect for use with crucibles, baskets or capsules under 14mm diameter. These self-closing, stainless steel tweezers feature straight points and heat-resistant wooden handle pads.

E2468, tweezers for crucibles, baskets or capsules up to 14mm diameter
Part number Description
C1005 Silica crucible
C4506 Quartz crucible
C4646 Graphite crucible
D3508 Nickel capsule
D9154 Nickel basket
D9155 Ultra high purity nickel basket 


Forceps for capsules 

We have a range of stainless steel precision forceps to securely fold and grasp tiny samples for transfer. Typically used for tiny sample encapsulation for micro analysis our range features curved, blunt or curved points and a smooth or serrated jaw.

Part number Description
E2016 Forceps, curved points, serrated jaw
E2017 Forceps, straight points, serrated jaw
E2018 Forceps, blunt points, serrated jaw
E2293 Forceps, curved, serrated jaw
E2294 Forceps, smooth jaw
Forceps for capsules
Part number Description
D1008 Pressed tin capsule 8 x 5mm
D1060 Tin foil discs 11mm diameter
D1062 Tin squares 22 x 22mm
D4007 Smooth wall tin capsule, 18 x 6mm
D4100 Copper capsule 18 x 6mm
D5004 Platinum weighing boat
D5032 Tin boats, 8 x 8 x 15mm
D9004 Cel capsules, small


The crucibles, inserts, capsules, boats and baskets specified here are examples of compatibility but are not an exhaustive list

If you would like to order these products, reach out to our friendly sales team or register to view our product pricing online.⁠ Elemental Microanalysis has 45 years experience manufacturing and supplying quality products with exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Additional Information available: Crucibles, tongs and tweezers.pdf
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