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Spatulas for Sample Preparation

Spatulas are a critical tool in the sample preparation process; transferring sample into sample encapsulation (i.e. pressed foil, smooth wall or crucible) and closing and sealing the metal foil in conjunction with forceps.

Elemental Microanalysis has the right spatula for the job, whatever your lab is analysing.  We offer spatulas from Macro (E2002) to micro-spoon with specialised ends and spoon shapes for specific use.

Spatulas from Elemental Microanalysis

Part number Part description
E2000 Spatula stainless steel
E2290 Spatula micro single ended
E2291 Spatula micro spoon formed bent
E2292 Spatula micro spoon
E2462 Spatula
F5103 Spatula angled spoon, needle end
F5104 Spatula angled spoon, needle end (left handed)
F5108 Large spatula, flat end
E2002 Macro multi-purpose spatula, flat end












These products offer the same high quality and value for money that is typical of Elemental Microanalysis’ entire product range.

If you would like to order these products, reach out to our friendly sales team: or register to view our product pricing online.⁠

Elemental Microanalysis has 45 years experience manufacturing and supplying quality products with exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Additional Information available: Spatulas product information April2 2023.pdf
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