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Silica (quartz) wool

Silica wool from Elemental Microanalysis is made from quartz. It is perfect for use as an inert separation or filling material in high temperature furnace tubes and scrubber tubes. Available as very fine, or fine fibres in a variety of pack sizes.

Very fine quartz wool, 2-4 micron fibres

Elemental Microanalysis supplies quality, very fine quartz wool made from 2-4 micron fibres. This ‘fluffy’ material has superior qualities, particularly in handling and in the way it packs into smaller tubes.

Very fine quartz wool products available from Elemental Microanalysis:

EMAL part no Part description Pack size
B1017 Silica (quartz) wool, very fine  5 g
B1208 Silica (quartz) wool, very fine  10 g
B1276 Silica (quartz) wool, very fine  15 g
B1102 Silica (quartz) wool, very fine  50 g








Fine quartz wool, 9 micron fibres

Elemental Microanalysis also supplies a coarser, 9 micron fibre quartz wool that is less expensive and suitable for use in larger reaction tubes.

The different fibre diameters can result in different back-pressures in a flowing stream. We do not recommend the use of the coarser quartz wool for packing furnace tubes of 18 mm diameter or smaller. 

Fine quartz wool products available from Elemental Microanalysis:

EMAL part no Part description Pack size
B1460 Quartz wool 6 g
B1351 Silica (quartz) wool fine  10 g
B1350 Silica (quartz) wool fine 50 g







Note: Silica (quartz) wool is different to glass wool. Glass wool from Elemental Microanalysis is made from borosilicate glass and not recommended for use above 300 degrees C. Consult our website for compatibility with your analyser.

These products offer the same high quality and value for money that is typical of Elemental Microanalysis’ entire product range.

If you would like to order these products, reach out to our friendly sales team or register to view our product pricing online.⁠ Elemental Microanalysis has 45 years experience manufacturing and supplying quality products with exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Additional Information available: Silica (quartz) wool 22.03.2023 edit.pdf
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