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Pure chemical reference materials

A wide range of pure chemical reference materials from Elemental Microanalysis

To assist you in quickly finding the reference materials you need, we have created an easy guide for our pure chemical reference materials.

Our wide range of analytical standards for combustion elemental analysis are produced in our ISO 9001 factory for your assurance of quality and accurate calibration.

Elemental Microanalysis' pure chemical reference materials range includes BBOT, sulphanilamide, EDTA, acetanilide, aspartic acid, atropine, cystine, phenyalanine and many more.

We also offer ISO17034 certified reference materials for cystine and sulphanilamide.

The guide is available for download below.

Organic and inorganic analytical standards (OAS/IAS) from Elemental Microanalysis are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.), Maryland, USA and/or (where appropriate) other accredited certification organisations. These materials are suitable for use as working standards for elemental analysis and are supplied with batch certificates of analysis. Analysis values may change depending on the batch available; please see the website for current certificate of analysis.

Additional Information available: Pure_chemical_ref_materials.01.pdf
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