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New CHNSO microanalysis catalogue
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New reference materials launched

Five new caffeine, glucose and gelatin IRMS standards developed by our R&D team have just been released, along with a new fuel analysis standard.

IRMS standards

Elemental's R&D development expert in isotopic ratio mass spectrometry, David Castle, and his team, have brought five new caffeine, glucose and gelatin IRMS standards to market, expanding our isotope reference material range to a total of 26 products. Exact batch values can be found on our reference material spreadsheet alongside all our existing reference materials.

Part description Pack size Part no. δ 13C ‰ δ 15N ‰ δ 34S ‰ % C % H % N % O % S
Caffeine IRMS standard for 13C 15N 0.5 g B2216 -32.63 -3.29   49.48 5.16 28.83 16.47  
C3 type glucose 13C IRMS standard 1 g B2217 -27.3     39.96        
C4 type glucose 13C IRMS standard 1 g B2218 -11.45     39.96        
Coldwater fish gelatin IRMS standard 2 g B2219 -16.33 14.71 17.05 42.93 6.86 16.63   0.43
Bovine gelatin powder IRMS standard 2 g B2222 -11.11 7.54 6.79 43.73 6.91 16.1   0.43


The IRMS product range from Elemental Microanalysis has recently expanded to provide compatible products for analysers such as the isoEArth+ from Sercon; full product details are in our newly published Micro & IRMS catalogue. Contact us to request a copy.

New reference material for fuel analysis

A recent addition to our range of 25 residual oil reference materials, B2377 offers NIST traceable certification values for C,H,N and S as well as BTU/pound. This reference material is intended for calibration or continued quality verification of combustion calorimetric methods; B2377 is a useful, multipurpose standard for fuel analysis laboratories with calorimeters and elemental analysers.
Our reference material spreadsheet details the complete range of reference materials from Elemental for petroleum, oil, biomass, coal and coke analysis.

These products and more are available to order from our ISO 9001 factory online.

Additional Information available: New products reference materials.pdf
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