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New product announcement: Drysorber

Drysorber, a new easy-to-handle drying agent

Elemental Microanalysis has developed a new drying agent, Drysorber (B1327).

Elemental's in-house R&D team developed Drysorber when Sicapent® became unavailable, hence it is suitable for use in all Elementar® analysers where Sicapent® was previously recommended, in instrument modes for C, H, N, and O detection.

Our R&D team developed Drysorber to be easy to use – from tube fill to moisture indication. Supplied in a 230 g bottle, this granular, free-flowing product ensures easy filling of drying tubes.

Drysorber contains an indicator which will undergo a change from pale blue to pink as the larger spheres absorb water – the images here show the colour changes to expect. The larger spheres of drying agent will dissolve as they are spent. The indicator offers easy recognition of when the drying agent needs replacing, as well as confirmation that any opened, stored product is still viable for use.

Drysorber can be used in any application and instrument where EAS WETSORBER (100007805) from Elementar® is specified for use (see table), as well as other appropriate applications.

If you would like to order this product, reach out to our friendly sales team or register to view our product pricing online.⁠ Elemental Microanalysis has over 45 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying quality products with exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Compatible Elementar® instruments Suitable modes
Inductar EL cube ONH
Inductar ONH cube ONH
rapid MAX N exceed N
rapid MICRO N cube C, N
rapid N cube, rapid N N
rapid N exceed N
rapid OXY cube O
vario EL cube, vario EL CHN, CN, O
vario MACRO cube, vario MACRO CHN, CN, N, O
vario MAX cube, vario MAX  CN, N
vario MICRO cube CHN, CN, N, O
Additional Information available: Drysorber information v2.pdf
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