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New CHNSO microanalysis catalogue
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New operational accessories

Our research and development, quality, product management and manufacturing teams collaboration has enabled Elemental Microanalysis to add these high quality, great value, compatible products to our product range.

Increasing the genuine Labco products purchasable from Elemental at a competitive price; we now offer the blue capped 12 ml vials (E2853-B).
E7101, TC pre-filter (Analytik Jena® compatible part 402-881.229) has previously been available to purchase as part of a set compatible with 402-881.245 but is now available individually.

We have introduced two new Thermo Fisher Scientific® compatible fast connectors for gas lines and scrubbing tubes; 

F4524 (19050208 equivalent) connects with the large adsorption trap CO2, F5162 (28113064 equivalent) and F4525 (9050209 equivalent) connects with the water/carbon dioxide scrubber, E2040 (28113060 equivalent).

And finally, we've added F6202— this is the smaller, 4 mm diameter bottom reactor connector compatible with Gerhardt Dumatherm® (14-0075)

Our vast product range includes many OEM compatible reaction tube and separation column connectors; the OEM search on our website helps you quickly find what you need.

Part description Pack size Part no. OEM part no. Compatible analysers
12 ml soda glass vial flat bottom 101 x 15.5 mm evacuated labelled, blue cap 1000 E2853-B 839B Labco Exetainer® 
TC prefilter (aerosol trap) 1 E7101 402-881.229 Analytik Jena® Multi EA4000/Multi NC2100-3100/Multi X2500/Pharma TOC
Fast connector 1 F4524 19050208 Thermo Fisher Scientific® EA1112 CHNSO/FLASH 2000 CHNSO/Flash 2000 IRMS/Flash 4000/Flash Smart CHNOS/Nprotein/NA1112Protein/FLASH2000
Fast connector plus adaptor 2 F4525 19050209 Thermo Fisher Scientific® EA1112 CHNSO/FLASH 2000 CHNSO/Flash 2000 IRMS/Flash 4000/NA1112Protein/FLASH2000
Bottom reactor connection, PTFE, D 4 mm, with nuts and ferrules 1 F6202 14-0075 Gerhardt Dumatherm®













These products and more are available to order from our ISO 9001 factory online, How can we help you?

The use of OEM part numbers is intended for convenience only, and does not imply the products are of OEM origin. All Elemental Microanalysis products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are deemed to be suitable alternatives in the stated instruments. All OEM trademarks acknowledged. 

Additional Information available: New products operational accessories.pdf
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