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New Macro catalogue with configuration guides

See our all-new Macro CN/CHN/CNS/N-protein catalogue, including configuration guides

Elemental Microanalysis has recently updated its Macro CN/CHN/CNS/N-protein catalogue, and configuration guides for the instruments covered by this catalogue are also included.


All our products for Macro analysers are listed, by manufacturer, with images of many of the products, and other key information such as a cross-reference list, to help you identify the parts you need. 


Our new Macro catalogue also covers certain N-protein instruments from Elementar® and Leco®, reflecting the overlap between these categories of instruments.


A web version of the catalogue and the configuration guide can both be downloaded from our website, from here.


For a printed copy, please contact our sales team, by e-mailing info@microanalysis.co.uk.

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