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How to replace the o-rings on the piston assembly of the Thermo Fisher Scientific® MAS200R autosampler

When the o-rings for the shaft of the MAS 200R autosampler are worn out, they can be very tricky to replace. Elemental can help make this task easier and quicker with their o-ring replacement tool.

Our video shows you how our o-ring replacement tool can help you quickly and easily replace the o-rings on your piston shaft for the MAS 200R autosampler.

The o-ring replacement tool ensures the o-rings slide off and on smoothly, do not catch in the other piston grooves and that the piston shaft is not damaged.

With a differing front and back, the o-rings must face in the correct directions to form the appropriate seals and prevent leakage of gas.

The video and downloadable instructions provide reassurance of o-ring direction throughout the step by step process of using the o-ring replacement tool.


Thermo Fisher Scientific® part no. Description Elemental compatible part no.
343 01512  Piston assembly, MAS 200R F2224
  Tool for replacing o-rings for MAS 200R F2225
290 30343 Green o-rings for shaft of MAS Plus autosampler (Set of three) E6059






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