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Glassy carbon and graphite products for IRMS analysis

Elemental Microanalysis produces a wide range of glassy carbon tubes, glassy carbon chips and graphite crucibles for use in IRMS analysis.

Glassy carbon tubes
Part No
OEM part numbers
Compatible instruments
Glassy Carbon Tube for Thermo-Finnigan TC/EA 1121310
SerCon: SC0971
Thermo: 1121310
Glassy Carbon Tube Eurovector E12529
Eurovector: E12529
Hekatech: HE 46860100
SerCon: SC0974
Glassy Carbon Tube Closed One End With 2mm Hole for Thermo-Finnigan TC/EA
SerCon: SC0975
Glassy Carbon Tube for use with E4405 12x9x453mm
SerCon: SC0976
Glassy Carbon Tube Closed One End With 2mm Hole for use with E4405 12x9x420 mm
SerCon: SC2387
Glassy Carbon Tube Pyrocube 23.00-1020
Elementar: 23.00-1020
Prepacked TC/EA Tube (ceramic and glassy carbon)
Thermo: 1127500
Glassy carbon chips
Part No
OEM part numbers
Compatible instruments
Glassy Carbon Chips Eurovector E10521
2-3mm, 25g
Europa: C1001071
Eurovector: E10521
Hekatech: HE 33823850
SerCon: SC0973
Glassy Carbon Chips
2-3mm 50g
Glassy Carbon Chips Eurovector 2-3mm 100g
SerCon: SC0039
Glassy Carbon Chips Thermo-Finnigan TC/EA 3-4mm 1117400 25g
SerCon: SC0972
Thermo: 1117400
Glassy Carbon Chips Thermo-Finnigan TC/EA 50gm 1117401
SerCon: SC2390
Thermo: 1117401
Glassy carbon and graphite crucibles
Part No
OEM part numbers
Compatible instruments
Graphite Crucible for TC/EA 1117332
SerCon: SC0979
Thermo: 1117332
Large Graphite Crucible for TC/EA 5 to 5.1mm wide
SerCon: SC2388
Extra Large Graphite Crucible for 9mm id Glassy carbon tubes 5.9mm wide
SerCon: SC2389
Ash Finger (Glassy carbon) - High Temperature Pyrocube 15.00–1189
Elementar: 15.00-1189
Elementar: 23.00-1189
Hexagonal graphite crucible for TC/EA  for use in 7mm ID glassy carbon tubes
Octagonal graphite crucible for TC/EA  for use in 9mm ID glassy carbon tubes
Graphite tubes
SerCon: SC0977
Thermo: 1121351
H2O Graphite Tube for TC/EA 1132080
SerCon: SC0978
Thermo: 1132080
All trademarks acknowledged. Use of OEM part numbers is for reference only and does not imply that the products are of OEM origin. All Elemental Products are guaranteed to be of high quality and suitable for use in the stated application. 
Additional Information available: glassy carbon products2.pdf
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