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Focus on prepacked tubes: Macro N/protein analysis

Our updated focus on prepacked tubes for Macro N/protein analysis. See what we expertly make in our ISO 9001 factory for your instrument.

At Elemental Microanalysis we are experts in packing tubes for analysers.
We have a specialist department with over forty years of experience using our own ISO 9001 manufactured reagents; we use the prepacked tubes we manufacture in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
We understand the importance of precision, eliminating variables, laboratory staff time and minimal exposure to hazardous materials.

  • Less downtime for your instrument
  • No more measuring or handling of chemicals
  • No waste
  • High quality reagents


Tubes are packaged appropriately to optimise reagent life-time.

Let us share our expertise and do the hard work for you. The prepacked tubes we have available for Elementar®, Leco® and Gerhardt® macro analysis and our most popular nitrogen protein prepacks are detailed here.

All trademarks acknowledged. Use of the OEM number is for reference only and does not imply that the products are of OEM origin.

Additional Information available: Macro analysis focus on prepacked tubes 11.pdf
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ISO 17025:2017 ISO 9001:2015 ISO 17034:2016