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New CHNSO microanalysis catalogue
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Focus on prepacked tubes, CF-IRMS analysis

At Elemental Microanalysis, we are experts in manufacturing high quality prepacked tubes for Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (CF-IRMS) analysers.

We understand the importance of precision and eliminating variables to consistent results. We know your laboratory staff's time is limited and you want to ensure minimal exposure to any hazardous materials. We can help with our ready-to-use prepacked tubes:

  • Less downtime for your instrument
  • No more measuring or handling of chemicals
  • No waste
  • Tubes packed to order with fresh, high quality reagents
  • Narrow prepacked GC-IRMS tubes supplied


More information on Elemental's CF-IRMS prepacked tube OEM compatibility can be downloaded here.

Elemental Microanalysis offers extensive knowledge of analysis, over 45 years of experience and a worldwide reputation for excellence.

These prepacked tubes (and everything else you need to keep your analyser running) are available to order from our ISO 9001 factory online, by email, telephone or fax.

Our new Micro and CF-IRMS catalogue is available, please speak to our Sales Team for your copy.

Additional Information available: IRMS focus 12a.pdf
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