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Ash fingers, liners, inserts and crucibles product range

Find the right ash fingers, liners, inserts and crucibles for your laboratory

Analyser user manuals can refer to these consumables in varying ways:

  • Ash crucible
  • Ash liner
  • Quartz liner
  • Ash finger
  • Sleeve insert
  • Swarf crucible


Typically these all perform the same function; enabling the simple removal of residual ash, they can prolong the useful life of your combustion tube.

Given the comparative cost of pyrolysis tubes and reagents, the use of an ash finger should ensure your laboratory gets as many analyses as possible from every combustion tube.

We can help find the right ash fingers, liners, inserts and crucibles from our extensive product range for you. See our guide to the various types, here.

Available to order from our ISO 9001 factory online, by email, telephone or fax. Elemental Microanalysis offers extensive knowledge of analysis, over 40 years of experience and a worldwide reputation for excellence.

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