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Announcing the latest version of the Macro CN/CHN/CNS/N/protein Catalogue from Elemental Microanalysis.

This catalogue covers the products we supply for LECO® and Elementar® macro and N/protein analysers, as well as other instruments for analysing large samples (~0.5 gram or more) of foodstuffs, plant materials, soils, sediments, or wastes.

New in this 2021 edition:
All product information for each analyser featured in this catalogue has been fully updated, with many new products added.

Products for three additional analysers are now included:–
•    Products for the soli TOC cube from Elementar®.
•    Products for Skalar’s® Primacs Series.
•    Products for Dumatherm analysers from Gerhardt®, with a configuration guide to indicate which Elemental products are appropriate for packing reaction tubes.

Configuration guides are now incorporated inside the catalogue (rather than as a supplement), with three new guides added.

A new look with grey colour theme has been introduced, to better distinguish this Macro Catalogue from our other product catalogues.

The new Macro Catalogue is available to download direct from our website. Click here to download, or contact us to order a printed catalogue.


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Elemental Microanalysis Ltd has expanded its range of products to complement coal, coke, petroleum and fuel laboratory analysis. The hydrogen value from the elemental analysis of these organic samples can be used to calculate a really accurate btu/lb when calorimetry is additionally used to assess fuel. The extended compatible product range has been developed to support users of LECO AC500 and AC600 isoperibol calorimeters.
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