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Queens Awards Enterprise Export 2014

Micro (CHN/O/S)

Consumable Kits & Prepacked Tubes
GC Columns
Miscellaneous Supplies
O-rings & Seals
Other Operating Supplies
Quartz & Glassware
Quartz liners
Reference Materials
Sample Encapsulation (Capsules, pans, discs and squares)

Inorganic (C/S, N/O, H)

Carbon/Sulphur Analysis
Nitrogen/Oxygen & Hydrogen Analysis

Carbon Sulphur

Boats & Liners
Chemical Supplies
O-rings & Seals - Eltra
O-rings & Seals - Leco
Other Operating Supplies - Eltra
Other Operating Supplies - Leco
Quartz, Glassware & Furnace Tubes - Eltra
Quartz, Glassware & Furnace Tubes - Leco
Reference Materials

N Protein

Products for CKIC
Products for Costech
Products for Elementar
Products for Gerhardt
Products for Leco
Products for Perkin Elmer
Products for ThermoFinnigan/CE/Fisons/Carlo Erba
Reference Materials


Products for Analytik Jena
Products for Antek Instruments
Products for Dionex
Products for Dohrmann Instruments

Combustion Tube Transparent Silica DN10, 450mm | Combustion Tube Transparent Silica MCTS20/30, DN100, 550mm | Ball Joint Connecting Tube Transparent Silica DN10/100/MCTS20/30/120/130 | Septum Connector Borosilicate DN10/100/MCTS20/30/120/130 | Exit Tube Transparent Silica MCTS20/30 | Combustion Tube Transparent Silica DN10 410mm | Combustion Tube Transparent Silica MCTS120/130 | Coulometric Titration Cell Bubbler Design | Exit Tube Transparent Silica DN10./100 | Exit Tube Transparent Silica MCTS120/130 | Pyrolysis Tube Transparent Silica Dohrmann DX-20 AOX | Combustion Boat Transparent Silica Dohrmann DX-20 AOX | Combustion Tube DC-190 Transparent Silica | Combustion Tube DC-1900 Transparent Silica | O-Ring Viton Rubber DC190 Furnace pack of 10 | O-Ring Viton Rubber DC190 ICI Port pack of 10 | O-Ring Viton Rubber DC190 ICI Port pack of 10 | O-Ring Viton Rubber DX-20 AOX Inlet Ball | Halogen Scrubber DC-190 Packed | Copper Oxide Fine Wires 4 x 0.5mm 50gm | Magnesium Perchlorate Granular 0.7 to 1.2mm H20 Absorbant 25gm Magnesium Perchlorate, 5.1. UN1475 | Silica (Quartz) Wool Very Fine 5gm | Platinised Alumina 1% Pt, Granular 0.85 to 1.2mm 50gm | O-Ring Viton Rubber pack of 10 | O-Ring Viton Rubber pack of 10 | IC reagent 250ml 630-00710 |

Products for Elementar Instruments
Products for Metrohm
Products for Shimadzu Instruments
Products for Thermo (Euroglas) Instruments

IRMS supplement

Consumable Kit
Equilibration Reagents and Sundries
GC Combustion/Pyrolysis
IRMS Analysis Kits
IRMS Consumables
Isotope Reference Materials
Labco Vials and Caps
Nafion Dryers
Orings and Seals
Parts and Accessories
Prepacked Tube
Preparation System Vials and Seals
Quartz & Glassware


Products for Elementar Instruments
Products for Leco Instruments
Reference Materials


Products for fibre analysis
Products for moisture analysis



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