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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you supply an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for your products?

Yes SDS are available for all relevant products on demand and are provided with each delivery. They can also be downloaded from this website on the detail page for the product in question.

How do you deal with hazardous products?

Our staff are specially trained and qualified in the handling and packing of these products to IATA standards for international shipment. All products are provided with the appropriate SDS and the relevant hazard labelling.

How do I dispose of used products?

We are unable to advise on this as regulations vary considerably around the world. The product SDS gives all the information required to establish disposal regulations in your country.

Can I return your products for disposal?

Yes we will accept back any product manufactured by us for disposal provided all relevant regulations on packing and labelling of the product have been adhered to on the return package.

Can I return products from other manufacturers for disposal?

No we only accept our own products.

Do you have an environmental policy?

Our environmental policy is included in our full product catalogues or is available separately on request.

Are you accredited to ISO14001?

We are not accredited but do believe that our environmental policy and the responsible attitude we take demonstrate our commitment to treat these issues seriously.