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Kits for EA-IRMS systems

Elemental Microanalysis has introduced two new kits for use in high temperature conversion EA-IRMS analysis, following the release of similar kits by Thermo ScientificĀ®.

Kit for the Thermo Scientific®TC/EA (Part no. 1141050) 
– Elemental Microanalysis equivalent part X7007

This kit contains 3 empty tubes: ceramic tube C1105, glassy carbon tube C7001, and graphite tube C7010.

Kit for the Thermo Scientific® FLASH HT Plus (Part no. 1197480) 
Elemental Microanalysis equivalent part X7008

This kit contains 3 empty tubes: ceramic tube C1101, glassy carbon tube C7001, and graphite tube C7010.

These products are offered in kits to ensure fitting accuracy between different tubes, but the components are also available separately for purchase – see the table below.

Elemental Microanalysis also offers hexagonal and octagonal graphite crucibles that are specially designed to increase ash capacity – parts C7019 and C7020.



EMAL part no.



Thermo part no.

X7007 (1 each of C1101, C7001, C7010)

Reactor kit TC/EA


X7008 (1 each of C1105, C7001, C7010)

Reactor kit Flash HT



Ceramic tube for TC/EA



Flash 2000 HT ceramic outer tube



Glassy carbon tube TC/EA



TC/EA graphite tube



Hexagonal graphite crucible for TC/EA for use in 7mm ID glassy carbon tubes



Octagonal graphite crucible for TC/EA for use in 9mm ID glassy carbon tubes


Additional Information available: IRMS kits customer version.pdf
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